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Never too late to begin new things...

In my moments of reflection, whenever I think of what was the best action I took in my life, I always go in the same direction. The transition I made from a 110+ kg guy, with a materialistic approach to life to the person I am today: relentlessly curious and optimistic, convinced vegetarian, joyfully admiring the colors present all over, an introvert with extrovert tendencies, stubbornly striving towards freedom, forever learning from failures, passionate about discovering the amazing beauty of this world and about learning the triggers steering our mind, an ambassador of preserving the environment, forever grateful for the life I am living.

These traits are reflected in everything I do in my life.

I started in a small branch of a regional bank in Timisoara, Transilvania, strengthened my knowledge in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, the latest position I served as Head of Corporate Sales of the largest bank. Currently, I work as an Expert, in charge of Corporate Projects at the largest bank in Central Eastern Europe, in the Holding Bank, in Vienna, Austria.
Sport wise

I went step by step from no sport to becoming a Finisher of Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, 170 km with 10,000m altitude difference, in 2017, and the First Romanian finisher of Beyond The Ultimate Jungle Ultra, 230 self-supported kilometers in 5 days, deep in the Peruvian Jungle, in 2019.

Emilian Croitoru



Door to Jungle Door to Yourself

It tells you about the preparation and story of the BTU Jungle Ultra Race, 230 self-supported kilometers I run in 5 days, deep in the Peruvian jungle, in June 2019, as well as all main milestones how I got from almost no sport to the multistage event in a hostile environment: the first marathon, the first 100 km, the first (half) Iron-man.

I was thinking to write this book immediately after finishing the jungle race. With the adrenaline of executing the most complex sport achievement in my life, I told myself why not share the experience? I already had the title, following the funny event with the door, during the race. But going home, I lacked the motivation to really do it!

It is never too late to begin new things...

My personal 2020 project had a shape already!

Emilian Croitoru ( Author )

Until one day, at the beginning of December 2019, when I wrote my resolutions for 2020.

I asked myself: what if I link the jungle adventure with the next savannah event? By writing the book and using it as a support for the fundraising campaign Save the Rhino (link)? And yes! From that moment, it happened: as the book was already written in my mind, I needed only to put it on paper in a structured way.

Dear Readers

I will send the digital version of the book in maximum 5 working days to all the donors in the Save the Rhino fundraising campaign. 

Donations go directly towards the welfare of the people fighting to protect the future of rhinos and elephants.

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This book is a good insight into a hero’s journey, with some energy cookies and exotic flavors. I see this book as a beneficial reading for everyone interested to know what it would be like to become an occasional runner and change their life. Although it is not said explicitly in the book, I consider that the degree of required planning and organizing for a race could easily qualify these marathons as ceremonies, or inner art sessions. I invite you to see Emilian’s journey notes through these ceremonial lenses, from time to time, while reading the book. Enjoy the ride!

Ovidiu Brazdău

Research Director, Consciousness Quotient Institute
The way I see it from behind the scenes, “Door to Jungle, Door to Yourself” is more than a book. It is a project that can bring to the table more than just a beautiful story of personal growth, as well as a load of suggestions for improvement as a runner. It is an initiative that can help Emilian and his tribe support the rangers risking their lives and leaving their families behind to combat the African poaching crisis. “Door to Jungle, Door to Yourself” is a story about how you can do literally everything and about paying it forward.

Ioana Conchințoiu

Digital Nomad, Storyteller, Personal Development Junkie
It gives you the chance to experience first-hand how someone who also had his running setbacks, overcome them and moved forward becoming a better individual. It gives you the opportunity to understand why would someone embark on such a dangerous journey, and it leaves you questioning “What if …?”. And if you get a positive answer to the previous question, rest assured, this book gives you valuable information about the Jungle Ultra and hot to tackle such challenge.

Vlad Tănase

Amateur ultra-runner and triathlete


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